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WVCW Rebranding

3 years ago

It all began during my time at VCU's Student Media Center as a graphic designer. Their radio station had a logo that was, quite simply, very 90's in style. As we were well into the 21st century, I figured the radio station needed a reimage. I decided to sketch up some ideas for redesigning their logo on post-it notes and placed them on the wall to the mini-cubicle I was working at. One day, one of the post-it notes vanished and soon after those running the WCVW station came to me, requesting that I take on the project. The new hexagonal WVCW logo and all its variants were thus born.


SMC - Amendment Film Posters

2 years ago

The Amendment publication needed various posters through the years to advertise their film festivals and call for submissions.


SMC Open House - Operation

2 years ago

The Student Media Center wanted one of the old Operation games featured in their poster for their 2018 open house. I took photo references from Operation games and illustrated it into a poster. In retrospect, it would have been really neat to see the different SMC organization shapes instead of "organ" shapes on the board.

SMC - Pwatem Banner

2 years ago

The Student Media Center's Pwatem publication was releasing a new issue and required some social media banners to be made. I made use of Pwatem's logo and some of their cover art for this banner.

SMC - Health Ad

2 years ago

The Student Health office at VCU needed an advertisement for a special issue of the Commonwealth Times student newspaper. VCU's mascot is the ram and a mock photo of the mascot suit receiving a vaccination was used as reference.

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