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Scientific Illustration

Beetle Commission

3 years ago


3 years ago

For this assignment, I was tasked with purchasing an indian white prawn from a local Asian Market and illustrating it. I took numerous photo references and took artistic liberties on increasing contrast, though the brightness of the orange in the carapace is fairly close to reality - we decided that it was likely due to the heart bursting during the freezing and melting process.

Atlantic Salmon Cross Section

3 years ago

For this assignment, I purchased the head of an Atlantic Salmon from a local Asian Market in Virginia. While I did take photographs for increased detail, most of the initial illustration of this cross section was painted with the head sitting on a tray beside my computer, where I painted it in Adobe Photoshop. The red at the base of the fish was the blood and other liquids that had begun to drain out of the fish after about six hours of painting. Prior to this, the fish's head was kept on ice to maintain freshness for the integrity of the painting.


3 years ago

For this illustration, I observed and took photographs of several dried Walker's Cicada samples in my classroom. The delicate wings were especially fragile, so they remain in similar asymmetrical positions to one of the samples. Due to the dry nature of the insect, I took artistic liberties with the hue and saturation to minimally increase the liveliness of the insect.

Atlantic Footballfish

3 years ago

For this infomatic, I use various copyright-free references for the visuals of photobacteria and of Atlantic Footballfish. The purpose of this assignment was to create an infomatic to display a symbiotic relationship in nature. I chose the Atlantic Footballfish, which uses photobacteria from its environment to form a chemical reaction which results in the iconic bioluminescent lure that brings in small fish prey.

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