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Pet Portraits


3 years ago

This illustration was commissioned in 2021 in remembrance of a client's partner's cat, who sadly passed earlier in the year.

As with my other pet portraits, I began this process by searching for pose and lighting references online. Once I found a decent pose to reference, with the goal of prominently displaying the cat's unique back spot, I began sketching in Clip Studio Paint Pro. After reaching a decent sketch, I created several colour and lighting options for the client, which then served as a point to adjust until reaching a final colour and shading base. From there, I began painting using fur brushes by Tamberella and other assorted artists and brush makers.

Drawing a pose using a reference can lead to strange proportions, so during the painting process, I pulled the file into Photoshop to use the Liquify tool to reshape the face and make sure proportions matched more closely. After liquifying, I pulled the image back into CSP and continued painting.

The majority of the painting was done while streaming on so that the client could watch.



3 years ago

Tova, a wonderful whippet I had the pleasure of meeting in my youth.
This was a portrait for a childhood friend of mine after Tova's unfortunate passing in the mid 2010s.


3 years ago

A pet portrait of a rabbit whose name has sadly been lost to time.
This was a gift to a user on a forum I was on for much of the early 2010s.

This was painted by referencing a photograph they provided of their domestic rabbit, a French Lop.


3 years ago

A gift memoir pet portrait of Pippin,
a cat once owned by an old friend of mine.

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