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Coding/Web Dev: Lorekeeper

Lorekeeper is an open source website framework build on Laravel (a framework of PHP). It is built specifically for Art Roleplaying Games to have a base, due to the growing unfavorable conditions on websites such as Deviantart or Instagram where they were previously based.
Lorekeeper served as my introduction to Laravel, the very same framework with which I built this website.

I have both an ARPG of my own that I run and administrate as well as several open source extensions I've built for the greater Lorekeeper community to make use of. Most of my public work is accessible on my Github.

Xiunus - Homepage

3 months ago

Xiunus began as any other Lorekeeper site: Pale, plain, and center-aligned. I quickly went to work making it my own.

The goal of the Xiunus design was to take a somewhat contemporary approach to classic Science Fiction UI, while utilizing space in a way that users can easily make their way around. While modern design often takes a minimalist approach, there was a lot of information that needed to be offered to the user quickly and easily.

Note that the avatar seen attached to the Xione account was a commission drawn by Arkyls


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