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Creature Design - Lykoi

Commissions for an anthromorphic feline story.
Species and characters within belong to Emily Goddard.


3 years ago

Xiang is the main character in a story about anthropomorphic felines called Lykoi living precariously alongside humans. This piece was commissioned before the others, when his species wasn't quite decided upon by the client. Since then, it was decided that he would be a Cruxblood, a hybrid among the various breeds of Lykoi.


3 years ago

Wildbloods are a species of Lykoi who descend from big cats on Earth. They are often much larger, fiercer, and more bestial than their Sharpblood or Cruxblood cousins. Oftentimes, they can be confused with properly feral big cats, especially when they lower themselves onto four legs to stalk their prey.


3 years ago

Sharpbloods are Lykoi based on smaller wild cat breeds, such as caracals and lynxes. These are still quite feral in nature, but they begin to have more humanoid features and personalities.


3 years ago

Cruxbloods are distinctly hybridized among the other Lykoi species. They can be inspired by combinations of any big cat, wild cat, and even domestic cats, in the case of the tiger-calico hybrid. The most famous Cruxblood is Xiang, depicted here prior to his injuries.

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