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ARPG Backgrounds

Tokotas - Badlands

2 months ago

Tokotas - Jungle

2 months ago

Xiunus - Spooky Spaceship

6 months ago

Xiunus needed a somewhat insidious background for specific usage on their sci-fi website.
Their idea was that a rather inept organization had an underground bunker where they held creatures captive.

I researched concept art for space ship interiors as well as various science fiction doors, ending in an ill-designed sliding doorway.


Tokotas - Geyser

10 months ago

Xiunus - Old Made New

4 months ago

Originally an old illustration for the Belemoid arpg, I repainted this for free use in the Xiunus arpg. This was more an exercise on rock texture than anything else.

Tokotas - Meadow

10 months ago

Tokotas - Field

10 months ago

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